Don’t Wait in Vain for Aged Care—Get Mobile Physiotherapy

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Availability is not a problem in Australia’s home aged care services; it’s the waiting time that irks the people. Many older citizens are registered as viable to receive subsidies from the government, but a majority of them are still on waiting lists. As a result, in lieu of government-supported services, many aged patrons are turning to more accessible services that deliver faster, such as mobile aged care physio.

Don’t wait in vain

Chief Executive Ian Yates of the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Australia reveals the main problem of aged citizens and their families in June’s data report about the aged care system status. He stressed that many aged people are still waiting to receive their home care packages even though they’ve been already assessed.

It’s quite clear that the packages are not being allocated thoroughly to the rightful receivers. More than 90, 000 aged Australians are still on the lookout for their needed personal care and physiotherapy services.

If you’re in Gold Coast and your loved one already passed the Aged Care Assessment Team’s (ACAT) evaluation but haven’t received their package yet, maybe it’s time to look for alternatives. There are affordable services nearby such as a mobile aged care physio in Gold Coast.

What is mobile aged care physio?

Mobile aged care physiotherapy (shortened as mobile aged care physio or mobile physio) is one of the rising home-based physiotherapy services for older Australian citizens. From the initial consultation right until the physiotherapy sessions, all medical services are conducted in the comfort of your own home.

A mobile aged care physio Gold Coast has today such as Generation Physio and Allied Health Care Service can even perform an environmental assessment regardless of where the elderly customer lives (at home, nursing home, or a relative’s apartment). The assessment’s goal is to evaluate your loved one’s condition and environment for the personalisation of their physio program.

After the initial evaluation, you can, of course, get an update on their progress through email or video documentation.

Some of the services aged citizens get from mobile physio are:

  • Balance training
  • Falls prevention
  • Weight loss based exercises
  • Education and advice about their condition, recovery, strengths, and limitations
  • Equipment prescription
  • Gentle reconditioning
  • Mobility assessments
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Pain management
  • Walking rehabilitation

Why should you opt for home care services such as mobile physio?

Who doesn’t want a personalised and accessible service? Even a healthy person is not comfortable with the dullness and discomfort of waiting, how much more with an aged care citizen? Besides, the reason behind your opting for home care packages is for your loved one’s sake. No older person deserves to be kept waiting, especially if they have comorbidities.

Accessibility. If you’re aiming to find mobile aged care physio Gold Coast offers, you’ll find a common denominator in all of them. Most of these mobile services are available 24/7, even on holidays. You can either book online or call, and you’ll receive a scheduled home visit.

Convenient respite service. It’s no secret that carers need respite every now and then. Mobile care services are convenient respite care services for busy or drained carers. You can be relaxed knowing that one call for a mobile physiologist can give you a leeway to revive your energy.

Comfort for your aged loved one. Not all aged citizens are incapable of taking care of themselves, but they still need care services for their ailments. A demographic of capable seniors prefer home care services because what they really need is a personalised care program that retains their independence but also acknowledges their ailments. For more details, visit at

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