Life During and After Rehab in Chiang Mai

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The best way to rid yourself of the negative effects of alcohol and substance abuse is to go through rehab. The journey to recovery, however, is paved with lots of challenges. Rehab in Chiang Mai is no different. But recovery could be less painful and difficult.


Rehab in Chiang Mai


Why, you ask?

Sources of temptations are eliminated

When you live in residential treatment centers, you remove yourself from things and events that can tempt you to drink or use drugs. Most residential programs not only offer supported living accommodation but also meetings, groups or workshops, and other activities that keep you connected with a supportive community or with like-minded people.

How much or how little connection and interaction you have with others will depend on you, providing you with a sense of control.

You also have access to counselors that provide one-on-one mentoring and addiction support. With such an arrangement, rehab in Chiang Mai would be easier to complete.

A sober retreat is on offer

Achieving sobriety may seem like a Herculean task when you first start rehab. But with a sober living program framework carried out in a sober living environment, you increase your chances of recovery from alcohol addiction.

A life of sobriety with The Next Step, Chiang Mai’s most successful rehab facility, starts with a 12 step and Fellowship Path of AA and NA. Because a person’s road to recovery is different from others, the company keeps the program flexible enough to accommodate individual needs.

If you seek a purely wellness or spiritual program, for example, The Next Step will cater to your needs. A combination of complementary recovery-based activities is also integrated into the program you choose.

Join a sober living program and sobriety will be within your reach.

Aftercare program is provided

Alcohol and drug addictions are often insidious, leaving you vulnerable long after you completed your rehabilitation.

But you can stay sober and drug-free through a relapse prevention plan that ensures you are equipped with the tools to deal with life’s eventualities and surprises. It is also designed to prepare you for when you find yourself in certain situations that could drive you to drink or take drugs.

The best plan to prevent relapse should be long-term and sustainable. It should also focus on the joys and advantages of freedom from addiction and the ability to discover your true purpose freely.

The Next Step offers you a sure-fire way to maintain sobriety by becoming a member of the ‘Village for Life’ community where you can enjoy the Living Experiential Recovery platform.

As a member, you will have access to healing and recovery workshops, healthy program of village-based activities, guest talks, meetings, social events, and mindfulness and meditation groups. You are also given an opportunity to become a valuable member of society once again through recovery mentoring or skill-based teaching offered to existing villagers. Living in a motivational environment is sure to help you remain sober and living healthy.

With the right programs, your rehab in Chiang Mai can be successful, with a promise of sobriety for the rest of your life and no relapse into substance abuse.

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