What You Should Remember Before Changing Your Oil Filters

Kareen | November 23, 2017 | 0 | Other

All vehicles have different oil filters needed for them to keep running. That is the reason why replacing air filters is always recommended whenever you visit service centres. Without regular maintenance, your car filters will not be able to complete their tasks of cleaning the engine oils. If it is not accomplished, your engine will become damaged by dirt particles. These particles will eat your engine from the inside out. Finding the correct oil filters that you can use for your car is very important.  Oil filters are crucial in keeping your engine clean. A clean engine is always a plus. That is why oil filter replacement is recommended by experts. At first glance, you will be confused as most oil filters look alike. You have to determine which oil filter you need to use depending on the size of your vehicle.


Knowing how to change your oil filters is very important if you are a car owner. Even if there are professionals you can count on when it comes to changing your oil filters, it would still make a difference if you know how to do it yourself. Take a look at these tips below when you finally want to change your oil filter:


1. Use the Right Tools. Make sure You have the right tools needed. Your decision to try to help change your oil filter is really remarkable. However, you also need to ensure that you are armed with the right tools before you attempt to change oil filters, it is important that you keep a few wrenches with you. Opt for a socket-type wrench or a metal sleeve-type wrench for your convenience.


2. Protect Yourself at All Times. You don’t want to end up looking like someone who bathes in soot and oil after the task is completed. Make sure that you have latex gloves or work gloves to keep the mess at bay. It would also help if you have paper towels on standby so you can easily wipe off the air filter. Expect that oil can easily escape so be prepared to use a drain pan or plastic bowl to catch any oil from the inside. More information at Western Filters


3. Spread oil on the Rubber Gasket. Once your filter replacement is ready, make sure to spread fresh oil on the whole surface of the rubber gasket. Make sure it is tightened but never attempt to use a wrench to tighten the rubber gasket. If you do so, you might warp the gasket resulting in a leak. This will completely be a total failure and waste of money.


4. Choose the Right Oil Filter. You have to check your owner’s manual to know the type of oil filters Australia has today which is best for your vehicle. If you use the wrong oil filter, it will cause the oil to leak and put you at risk. Avoid any serious damage by making sure that you buy the recommended oil filter replacement.


The above are just a few ways to ensure that changing your oil filter is a success. You can check out other helpful tips online or ask any trusted mechanics in your area. You can also ask your trusted dealership if they can recommend experts in oil filters in Australia. This will ensure that replacing your oil filters is done by professionals. If you don’t have the skills or are not confident doing the above steps, never hesitate to find cheap oil filters Australia experts offer. This will help ensure that you are using the right oil filter and that they are installed appropriately.


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